A Fantastic Lobster Thermidor Recipe

Lobster Thermidor Recipe


Do you enjoy a rich, tasty lobster? If so, have you heard of a delicious dish called lobster thermidor? If not, then you are in for a treat. There are tons of different ways to cook a lobster, ranging from the simple and easy to the complex and exquisite. Lobster thermidor falls somewhere in the middle –it is not as simple to make as simply broiling a lobster and adding lemon juice, but it is not as complex as some other dishes. The taste will make it all worth it too. The lobster thermidor recipe provided below is a fantastic way to prepare this dish.

Before we get into the lobster thermidor recipe, though, let us first talk about the dish itself. Lobster thermidor is a very rich and succulent dish that basically is a baked lobster concoction with béchamel sauce. True thermidor typically involves lobster meat mixed with cheese, brandy (or sherry), egg yolks, and mustard and is quite filling. Legend has it that it was named by Napoleon, who loved it so much that he named it after the month in which he first ate it. (The month – thermidor – was used after the French Revolution for a short while to denote what we know as November.) This actually is not entirely true, though. Lobster thermidor was created in 1894 in honor of a play called Thermidor – which really was named after the month. Regardless of its origins, though, lobster thermidor is quite delicious, as you will now see.

The True Lobster Thermidor Recipe – French style

Ingredients for the béchamel sauce:

4 tablespoons of butter

½ cup of fish broth (but you can also use other flavors)

1 cup of milk

Black pepper (preferably freshly ground)



3 tablespoons of flour

Ingredients for the main dish:

Lobster (this recipe is best for a 2-3 lb lobster)

Parmesan cheese (grated)

¾ cup of heavy cream

2 egg yolks

1 tablespoon of shallot

3/4 cup of meat or fish stock

1 tablespoon of chopped tarragon

2/3 cup of brandy

2/3 cup olive oil

Butter (melted)

1 teaspoon of dry mustard

Salt and pepper


For this lobster thermidor recipe, take the lobster and boil in a pot for about 9 minutes. Remove and take all of the meat from the claws and body (you will need to crack the claws and split the shell down the middle). Keep the shell and rinse the meat off, then chop the lobster and place into a bowl. Place aside for a moment and mix the ingredients for the béchamel sauce together. Then take the mustard, tarragon, salt, and pepper and add it into the sauce. Mix in the cream and egg yolks, and pour in the brandy and olive oil. Add the shallot and meat or fish stock and mix thoroughly. At this point, all you have to do is thicken the sauce on the stove and pour into the bowl with the lobster. Add the parmesan cheese to the top, mix well, and stuff the shells with the lobster meat. Glaze the lobster with butter, add more cheese to the top (without mixing), and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until the cheese is a nice, golden brown. Then enjoy!

A Lobster Thermidor Recipe Alternative

You can substitute ingredients to make it more of an American style, if you wish. To do this, replace the brandy with either sherry or a white wine of your choice (I recommend a sweet variety, like moscato). You can also replace the shallots with sautéed mushrooms, and replace the tarragon with paprika. Really, just experiment until you find the perfect lobster thermidor recipe and you will be pleased with the results. Bon appétit!

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