A Great Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe


A Great Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe

Have you been in search of a mouth-watering grilled lobster tails recipe? Have you wanted the perfect recipe to spice up your cooking and make your friends and family literally salivate over your grilled masterpiece? If so, and if you want to wow your guests, then grilled lobster tails are definitely for you. There are a million and one ways to grill lobster, and many of them taste great. But some of them do not, or are so complicated that it takes a virtual miracle to pull them off. The grilled lobster tails recipe I have for you below promises to offer you a quick, easy, yet delicious way of making your lobster the best it can possibly be.

Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Seafood


Four Maine lobster tails (or fresh lobster)

Two cups of butter

Garlic (either freshly-minced or in a shaker)

Whole lemons (or a bottle of lemon juice)

Brown sugar

Cayenne pepper

To start off this grilled lobster tails recipe, obtain the above ingredients. You can substitute basically any kind of lobster for Maine lobster; I prefer to use it for its bold, refreshing taste. If you obtain it fresh from the market, then you will have to prep the lobster by boiling it until the shell is red, and removing the head and claws from the tail portion. Then, crack the top side of the tail open so the meat is exposed. Set the tails aside for the moment.

Take the butter and melt it either on the stovetop or in a microwave. You can do this on a grill too if you are prepping outdoors. Mix the butter in with enough garlic to suit your tastes – some like more, some like less. It really is up to you. Then, take a pinch of brown sugar and include it, as well as a dash of cayenne pepper. The sugar offsets the tanginess of the mixture a bit and complements nicely the cayenne. Be careful not to go overboard with either, though; they can easily overpower the other flavors in your lobster.

Mix all of this up and take your lobster tails. Baste the exposed lobster meat with our basting creation, so that the entire exposed surface of the meat has a nice layer of sauce on it. Then, take lemon juice and liberally bathe the meat in it. Do not pour the entire bottle, but do not put just a touch either. The lemon juice will cook off before it soaks in if you don’t.

Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe: The Grill

Prepping the grill is the next step for this grilled lobster tails recipe. Take your grill and fire it up with wood or charcoal – whichever you prefer. Charcoal cooks more evenly and can be more easily controlled, but wood imparts a certain smoky flavor that charcoal lacks. Make sure your flames are about medium height – if they are so high and strong that they sear your eyebrows when you’re cooking, or are coming up through the grill slats, then your fire is too hot for lobster.

Once your grill is nice and ready, just put the tails on it, shells down. Now is a great time to baste them once more. Turn your tail over about five minutes into the grilling, and baste again. Grill them for another five minutes, or until the meat is bright white and tender. Once this is accomplished, your lobster tails are ready for consumption.

I hope you get a lot of pleasure from this grilled lobster tails recipe. I know I love it, and I trust that you and your family will come to love it as well.

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