Cooking Lobster Roe

A Guide to Cooking Lobster Roe

One of life’s greatest pleasures is food, and one of the great things about food is how much variety and diversity there is out there. I personally love to try new dishes all the time in search of an exciting and unique taste that I have not had before, so it was with great delight that I came across a tasty treat from an unexpected place: lobster roe. If you have not heard of this term before, do not worry; prior to tasting it, I had not either! This article will tell you all about lobster roe and will give you a couple of good recipes you can use to prepare lobster roe yourself.

Learning About Lobster Roe: What Is It?

Believe it or not, lobster roe refers to the eggs a female lobster carries as a means of giving birth. If this sounds unpleasant, just remember that caviar – eggs from specific types of fish – is considered a fine delicacy in most of the world. We are often turned off to foods that we think may not be good based off of where they come from. Lobster roe is one of those foods. If you have had caviar before, then you have a good idea of what lobster roe tastes like: a slightly sweet (sometimes salty) taste with an almost-liquid texture that slides down your throat. This treat is found only in the female lobster, though, so if you want lobster roe you will have to make sure your lobster is a girl. On females, the first pair of swimmerets under the body is soft and feathery; on the males it is hard.

Learning About Lobster Roe: Using It In Food

You can consume lobster roe as a stand-alone dish if you would like, much like caviar, but most people tend to incorporate lobster roe (also known as coral) into other dishes, to be used as an additive or a garnish. This roe performs quite well as a garnish because of its color. While originally black, the lobster roe will turn a bright red color when cooked. It also adds a nice taste to whatever dish you are making, especially lobster ones. Below are a couple of quick ways you can incorporate lobster roe into your food.

Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp with Lobster Roe

For this dish, take some jumbo shrimp and make sure they are peeled. Set them aside to chill, then take your lobster roe and sauté it in a pan over light eat in olive oil and butter. You will know they are cooked when they are bright red (but be careful!). Carefully cut a slit in the jumbo shrimp and place the sautéed roe into it. You can hang these shrimp on a cocktail glass to make a nice lobster-shrimp cocktail, or you can cook them further and make them into a tasty shrimp scampi. Either one tastes great.

Lobster Roe Butter

To make this dish, take your roe and set them aside. Do not cook just yet. In another bowl, mix drawn butter (melt your butter, let it settle, then skim off the white solids from the top), a touch of garlic, and lemon butter. Boil the butter mixture for about a minute. Then, whisk the roe so that it breaks up, and combine it with the butter mixture. The heat from the butter mixture, if applied properly, should make the roe turn red. You can put this tasty sauce on just about any seafood you want.

Well, now you know all about lobster roe; what it is, where it is from, and what you can do with it. The next time you are preparing lobster and notice tiny, dark eggs in the belly, do not throw them away! Instead, save them and make these delicious lobster roe treats.

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