October 27, 2009

How To Cook A Lobster – How To Butterfly Lobster


How to Butterfly Lobster: A Guide

Lobster is a great meal, but sometimes we just do not feel like going to a seafood restaurant to eat it. Sometimes you may just want to stay in your kitchen and prepare your own savory lobster dish. If you want your lobster tails to look as good as they do in the restaurant when prepared by fancy chefs, then you will have to learn how to butterfly lobster. Don’t worry, though; this procedure is a lot simpler than it sounds. This article will serve as a guide on how to butterfly lobster and will walk you through the process from start to finish.

How to Butterfly Lobster: Preparation

Properly butterflying a lobster requires a few tools that are not very difficult to find. You probably have them in your kitchen already. First, you will need a pair of kitchen shears. Since you will have to cut through the shell, you will need a pair of kitchen shears to make the task easy and effective. You will also need a kitchen knife to help cut the meat away from the shell in a few places. A small pair of kitchen tongs can also be useful, but are not required. Another useful tool in prepping the lobster for cooking is a bottle of lobster marinade. I recommend using this on your lobster, then letting your lobster chill overnight before cooking.

If you want to take the easy road and use a frozen lobster tail, then that is definitely okay. Just make sure you thaw it in the refrigerator (not on your kitchen counter) before butterflying it. If you have a fresh lobster, you will first need to kill it. To do this quickly and humanely, grasp the lobster by its back. Take a heavy kitchen knife, place the point between the eyes about one inch down the back, and in one quick and smooth motion, press in and bring the blade straight down. This will kill the lobster instantly. Then, cut off the tail by cutting through the joint between the upper body and the tail. Once this is done, you are ready to begin.

How to Butterfly Lobster: Procedure

The first step is to take your kitchen shears and cut down the center of the back of the shell, going from the top through to the bottom of the tail. Be careful not to cut the meat itself; you only want to snip the shell. Be careful not to cut through the end of the tail. Then, use your fingers to gently pry apart the top of the shell and remove the meat. You are trying to carefully pull the meat out of the shell, while still leaving it attached to the tip of the tail.

Once you have pulled the meat out of the shell (while leaving it attached to the bottom), close the two halves of the shell together and lay the meat on top. Then, using your kitchen knife, carefully cut lengthwise down the center of the meat so that you can pull the two sides apart (but not completely apart). Drape the two halves of the meat over the edges of the shell. Then, all you have to do is pour on some marinade and add whatever spices you wish before cooking.

You can grill, broil, or fry this freshly-butterflied lobster to make an incredible meal for you and your family and friends. And when you are done, you will have a tail that looks just as good as the ones prepared for you in those expensive restaurants – at a fraction of the cost!

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September 21, 2009

How to Cook a Live Lobster

Easy Instructions on How to Cook a Live


Many people all across the world absolutely love the taste of lobster. Most of them, though, are understandably squeamish about touching a lobster, let alone cooking one live. If you are one of these people, relax. This article will explain how to cook a live lobster and give you all the advice and guidance you need. After all, lobster is a fantastic meal that should be enjoyed by everyone. Learning how to cook a live lobster will allow you to make your own lobster meals in your very own kitchen. It really is that easy!

Before we start learning how to cook a live lobster, let us go over the equipment you will need. The first and most often-used piece of equipment is a large pot. This will be used to boil the water that will cook your lobster, so it has to be big enough for the whole lobster to be completely covered by the water. Another helpful piece of equipment is a set of tongs. You do not want to put your hand in boiling water, believe me. This will save you from that trouble. Lastly, you may also need a steamer, if you are going to steam the lobster. A steamer uses heat to turn water into hot water vapor (or steam), and is one of the best ways to prepare a live lobster. We will talk more about that later.

How to Cook a Live Lobster: the Boiling Method

Now that you have your equipment ready, let us discuss how to cook a live lobster by boiling it. Before we begin, though, let us clear up a misconception. Some people are squeamish about boiling a lobster because they believe the lobster feels pain and is tortured by this process. There is evidence that lobsters lack the sensory capabilities to feel pain, but even if they can, rest assured that the boiling water kills them instantly. Now you know that you can safely and humanely boil a live lobster.

The best way to boil one is to take a large pot and fill it with enough water to cover the lobster or lobsters you will be cooking. Then, bring it to a rolling boil (you’ll know it’s ready when large bubbles start to appear). Add one teaspoon of salt per quart of water to give it enough flavor. Then, the easy part: Just pick up the live lobster and place it, stomach down, in the pot. The lobster will die immediately. Watch for the shell to turn red; when it does, your lobster is ready.

How to Cook a Live Lobster: the Steaming Method

The steaming method is based off of the same general concept as the above method, except it takes place either in a steamer or in an enclosed pot. You can actually use a large pot for this method if you do not have a steamer. If this is the case, you want to fill the pot until the water line is two inches high. Salt and bring to a rolling boil, then insert the lobster as usual. Then, take a lid and place it securely over the top of the pot. The steam will make your lobster taste absolutely delicious. If you have a steamer, then you carry out the same process. It just makes it easier to do it. You will want to cook these lobsters for 15-20 minutes, based on how large your lobster is.

There you are! Easy instructions on how to cook a live lobster. Now you are ready to go cook some lobster!



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September 18, 2009

How to Eat a Lobster


How to Eat a Lobster

There is a lot that goes into learning how to eat a lobster, believe it or not. Most people do not believe that eating lobster is that complicated. Well, it isn’t, but there is still information you should know before eating a lobster that will make your lobster meal more satisfying. This article will tell you all about how to eat a lobster and tips and tricks you can employ to make it a more fulfilling meal.

How to Eat a Lobster Safely

Lobster is a shellfish, which means it is susceptible to causing illness and disease if it is not properly cooked. This is because a lot of harmful organisms live in shellfish, which is why they must be thoroughly cooked before eating. Never consume raw shellfish. Even oysters should ideally be prepared before consuming them. When it comes to lobster, you want the meat to be opaque, white, and tender. If it is too tough, then you have overcooked it; if it is still kind of clear, or isn’t a pure white then you have undercooked it and should definitely cook it further.

How to Eat a Lobster: Tools You Will Need

Before we start to dive into eating this delicious dish, we should talk about a few things every table must have in order for your guests to fully enjoy their meal. The first is a nutcracker. A lobster’s shell can be broken by hand, but it could be painful and time-consuming. Therefore, you should invest in a nutcracker to expedite the shell-cracking experience. This is particularly handy for the claws. The next instrument you should have is a small shellfish fork. These often come with crab dishes and are like normal forks – except much, much smaller. The small size of this fork will allow you to get into the hard-to-reach places and extract the meat. You will also want a bib, too, just to keep your clothes from getting messy. Eating lobster can be a messy affair, especially when you add melted butter – which is the next item you should have. If you have a nutcracker, small fork, bib, and melted butter, then you are ready to go.

How to Eat a Lobster Efficiently

Lastly, we will talk about the best way to eat a lobster so that you get the most meat for your buck. A lobster can be expensive; at the market, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 per pound for a lobster. Thus, you want to make sure you get all the meat out of it that you possibly can. The first thing to know about this is to identify which areas have meat. The tail is obvious, but the claws and the legs actually have meat in them as well. To help with the claws, twist them off with a gentle twisting motion. Then, use the nutcracker on the back end of the claw and extract the meat. For the lobster tail itself, you can use the tiny fork to get in between the shell and the meat and really get the succulent meat out as much as possible. Be sure, though, to first remove the green and black material (the lobster’s digestive system) from the tail before consuming.

There you have it. A handy guide on how to eat a lobster. Some people do different things, but it really is just about using the nutcracker when you have to, taking advantage of the tiny fork, and finding as much meat as you can. Oh, and be sure to go extra slow – so you can savor every bite!

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September 11, 2009

How to Serve a Lobster


How to Serve a Lobster

Before addressing the question of how to serve a lobster, we must first look into how the lobsters themselves are typically served. Typically lobster tails are served since the majority of the meat resides in this area. These lobster tails can be served either warm or cold, depending on the preference of the consumer. However, the legs and claws also contain a bit of meat and are occasionally served. Now that we have laid out this information, let’s move on to the topic of this article, “how to serve a lobster.”

Many people are unaware of how to serve a lobster when it comes to sauces and side dishes. Is lobster served with sauce? Is it served with sides? If so, what type of sauce is best? What sides are recommended? Truth be told, there is no set in stone rule of exactly how to serve a lobster; instead, feel free to use your imagination and be creative. Throughout this article we will provide you with some already discovered methods for answering the question of how to serve a lobster that can be adapted and amended to fit your lobster dish needs.

How to serve a lobster—three methods:

1.) How to serve a lobster that is warm with sauce

One method for serving a warm lobster includes providing melted butter for dipping. The butter can either be brushed onto the warm lobster tail or placed in a separate side dish (typically a small sauce bowl). Sometimes this butter is seasoned with garlic flavoring to add a bit of a kick. Along with butter, many lobster lovers prefer a side of mayonnaise. Like the butter, the lobster is typically dipped into the mayonnaise to add a bit of flavoring. However lemon juice and parsley are also used for flavoring your warm lobster.

2.) How to serve a lobster that is warm with sides

When determining a side dish for your lobster it is essential to get sides that compliment to your lobster without taking away from the tail. Therefore, your side dishes should be very simple. Many people serve lobster with a side of crackers. Other will cook potatoes and add butter to compliment the butter that is being used for the lobster tail for dipping. Since butter is frequently used, along with garlic or parsley flavoring, it may be great to serve the lobster with a baked potato. Corn on the cob and your typical green salad are also other side dishes that are typically served with lobster that is served warm.

3.) How to serve a lobster that is cold with sides

Now that we have discussed serving warm lobster, lets zoom in on another method—serving cold lobster. If you are serving the lobster cold it is important to keep your side dishes cold as well. Even if it is cold, the lobster tail is the main dish and should have very simple side dishes to not take away from the lobster. Therefore, several people will serve the lobster with a green salad. However, you can also serve anything from cole slaw to a cucumber salad.

Addressing the question how to serve lobster should always be answered with one word—simplicity. Simple side dishes are recommended so that the attention is not detracted from the lobster. However, you can be very creative when preparing side dishes to go with lobster. Furthermore, lobster goes great with champagne or wine so be sure to add these to your meal for an excellent treat. Here’s to a great lobster meal!

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