October 25, 2009

Wonderful BBQ Lobster Tails Recipe


How To Cook A Lobster – The Best BBQ Lobster Tails Recipe

If you like grilling, and also enjoy seafood, then I have a treat for you: BBQ lobster tails. Everyone has, at one point or the other, probably eaten a lobster tail – and no matter whether it was grilled, boiled, or broiled, chances are it was delicious. BBQ lobster tails take that a step further by combining the delicious taste of a savory BBQ sauce with the refreshing and marvelous taste and texture of a perfectly boiled and grilled lobster tail. This combination may sound strange at first, but I promise you, it is definitely something to behold. To introduce you to this mouth-watering entree, I have written a superb BBQ lobster tails recipe for your enjoyment.

How to Cook A Lobster – Which Lobster to Choose

First, let us talk about the different types of lobster tails you can get. This will impact to a degree how your BBQ lobster tails turn out. There are two main types of lobster that people eat: American lobster and spiny lobster. American lobster (also popularly known as Maine lobster) is what you typically picture when you think of this crustacean. They are brown to orange and have two claws, and are most likely what you see in tanks in seafood restaurants. These lobsters tend to have a stronger, more pronounced taste. Spiny lobster (also known as rock lobster) do not have claws and are grown in warm-water areas (as opposed to American lobsters in cold-water areas). The taste of these lobsters tends to be more mild and delicate.

Regardless of what lobster you choose (I personally prefer American lobster, but either is fine), you can prepare them yourself or just buy frozen lobster tails. If boiling and cutting up a lobster is not to your fancy, then using frozen lobster tails is just as fine. Here is what you will need for your BBQ lobster tails:

BBQ Lobster Fest-

(Serves 4-5)

4-5 lobster tails, frozen or fresh (8 oz)

½ of butter (depending on how many tails you have; ½ cup works well for 4-5)

BBQ sauce (your own choice)

¼ to ½ cup of lemon juice (or lemon wedges)


Brown sugar (if desired)

To prepare, thaw your lobster if necessary. I recommend using frozen lobster tails for this recipe because you do not need to cook them before you grill them. Before you place them on the grill, brush the lobster meat with melted butter. Then, sprinkle paprika on top, and follow with a touch of brown sugar per tail (if you want a more sweet taste). To keep your tails from curling up when they’re on the grill, put a skewer through the middle, length-wise.

Once they are ready and prepped, you should brush on your BBQ sauce until the meat is covered. Then place them, shell-side down, on the grill. You will want to grill them until the shell turns red, which usually takes 5 to 6 minutes. When this happens, flip them over and grill them for another 5-6 minutes (until the meat turns soft and white). Then, turn them back up and brush on more sauce and sprinkle lemon juice. After another two minutes or so, your lobster should be nice, white, tender, and done. All you have to do now is serve and enjoy!

This BBQ recipe will give you tender, moist, and delicious lobster with an awesome and classic BBQ taste. All you have to do now is fire up the grill and throw on some BBQ lobster tails.

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October 24, 2009

Two Wonderful Lobster Tails Recipes


Two Mouth-Watering Lobster Tails Recipes

If there is one dish that makes a dinner go from enjoyable to special, it is lobster. Millions of people all across the world consume the succulent food known as lobster, savoring a multitude of different dishes made with a variety of cooking methods that really gets the juices going. This is the reason why lobster tails recipes have become so common lately – lobster is delicious and everyone wants that restaurant-quality taste in their own kitchen. To help with that, there are two lobster tails recipes provided below that promise to give you delicious and savory lobster meals.

What You Need to know Before the Lobster Tails Recipes

Before we begin, let us review the cooking method we will use. The two recipes below both involve steaming your lobster. For this, you will need to have a steamer pot, or a large pot with a steamer insert that you can seal. If you do not have this, or do not want to steam it, then you may boil your lobster too. Just get a pot of salted water to a rolling boil and put the lobster tail in until the shell turns bright red. The lobster will taste great either way, so no worries. Also, if your lobster tails are frozen, ensure that you thoroughly thaw them in a refrigerator before using.

Lobster Tails Recipes #1: Tomato Basil Lobster

This lobster recipe is pretty standard, except for the little twist that the tomato basil sauce makes. Steam your lobster for approximately 15 minutes in salted water (1 tablespoon of salt per quart of water is good), and fluff the meat so it sticks out from the shell (which should be red). For the sauce, you will need the following ingredients:

¼ cup of olive oil

3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped (You can substitute parsley flakes if you want)

1 lb of plum tomatoes, diced

Basil leaves, chopped


1 teaspoon of oregano

Warm up the olive oil over medium heat, and put the chopped garlic in. You will want this to simmer for a few minutes. Turn up the heat a little to medium-high and put the diced tomatoes in the skillet. Let this sauce cook for 5 minutes. Then, add salt and let the sauce reduce. Once that happens (usually 12-15 minutes), add the chopped basil and salt. Toss in a teaspoon of oregano and cook for 2 minutes. While the sauce is still hot, pour over the lobster and enjoy.

Lobster Tails Recipes #2: Sesame and Curry Lobster

This recipe is short, simple, and easy to prepare. You will need the following:

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

2 minced cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon of curry powder

¾ stick of butter (preferably the unsalted variety)

1 teaspoon of ground ginger

Minced shallot (you can substitute green onions if you wish)

3 tablespoons of lemon juice


Add the garlic and shallot to a pan with the sesame oil and ½ a stick of butter and sauté. Toss in your curry powder and your ground ginger and sauté again for a little over a minute. Let this sit for a few minutes to allow it to cool. When it is, you can add your lemon juice and some salt and stir. You want a thick and consistent butter of sorts. Then, just fry your lobster (out of the shell) in the frying pan. I recommend taking the rest of the butter and using that to fry your meat. When this is done, you can apply your curry mixture to your lobster for a great tasting meal.

There you are – two delicious lobster tails recipes. I hope you can use these to make your next lobster dish truly excellent. Feel free to come up with your own lobster tails recipes; you would be surprised how easy and fun it can be to create your own lobster dish. In the mean time, the recipes above will be great for you and your kitchen.

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October 23, 2009

Frozen Lobster Tails Recipes


Two Great Frozen Lobster Tails Recipes

There is perhaps no better seafood, in my opinion, than lobster. Not only does it taste heavenly (especially with drawn butter and a splash of fresh lemon…mmm!) but it is so versatile. There are plenty of ways to make this food into a delicious dish that is sure to impress anyone – so many, in fact, that sometimes it is hard to pick which recipe to use. Fortunately, I have assembled two very tasty frozen lobster tails recipes for you to choose from – one for each type of lobster out there.

Frozen Lobster Tail Recipe #1: Sizzlin’ Citrus Lobster

For this recipe, we will use spiny lobsters instead of the more well-known Maine lobsters. The main visual difference is that spiny lobsters (also known as rock lobster or langosta) do not have claws. They also have a different taste – many say that spiny lobster meat is not as sweet or rich as Maine lobster meat, and is more mild. Also, most frozen lobster tails sold today are spiny lobster tails, so it makes sense that we would start off with a rock lobster recipe.

With this recipe we are going to grill a tasty and spicy spiny lobster. You will need the following ingredients (note that the recipe is for one tail):

Frozen spiny lobster tail

Melted butter

2 teaspoons of paprika

2 teaspoons of minced garlic

Citrus fruit of your choice (oranges are particularly delicious)


Fresh cracked pepper

To prepare this magnificent feast, you should first thaw the frozen lobster tails. The best way to do this is to sit them overnight in the refrigerator, but you can microwave them if you are in a hurry. Then, boil the lobster in a salted pot for six minutes, or until the shells are a nice red color. Then, split the lobster tail down the middle and open it up butterfly style. In a separate bowl, combine the butter, paprika, garlic, and juice from your fruit (oranges in this instance). Apply this mixture to the lobster before grilling. Grill each side of the lobster until the meat is white and tender, while brushing with the mixture we created. Then, put on the fresh cracked pepper and you are ready to serve.

Frozen Lobster Tail Recipe #2: Baked Lobster Delight

This recipe uses a Maine lobster, which tends to have sweeter meat. Therefore, this recipe really complements that. The ingredients are:

Frozen Maine lobster tail

1 cup of bread crumbs

Melted butter

1 tablespoon of Worchestershire sauce

½ cup of sweet white wine (dessert wines are great)

1 cup of light cream

Thaw the lobster tails in the refrigerator, and split the lobster tail down the middle butterfly-style (both halves shell-side down with the meat facing up). We will bake these lobsters, so keep them aside for a moment. Mix some of your melted butter (1/4 of a cup will do) in with the Worchestershire sauce, white wine, and light cream. The sauce should not be runny or watery. Then, take the sauce and apply liberally to the lobster, and top it off with the bread crumbs. Finally, broil the lobsters for 5-7 minutes on 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the lobster meat is white and opaque and the topping is golden brown. Then enjoy!

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September 11, 2009

A Great Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe


A Great Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe

Have you been in search of a mouth-watering grilled lobster tails recipe? Have you wanted the perfect recipe to spice up your cooking and make your friends and family literally salivate over your grilled masterpiece? If so, and if you want to wow your guests, then grilled lobster tails are definitely for you. There are a million and one ways to grill lobster, and many of them taste great. But some of them do not, or are so complicated that it takes a virtual miracle to pull them off. The grilled lobster tails recipe I have for you below promises to offer you a quick, easy, yet delicious way of making your lobster the best it can possibly be.

Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Seafood


Four Maine lobster tails (or fresh lobster)

Two cups of butter

Garlic (either freshly-minced or in a shaker)

Whole lemons (or a bottle of lemon juice)

Brown sugar

Cayenne pepper

To start off this grilled lobster tails recipe, obtain the above ingredients. You can substitute basically any kind of lobster for Maine lobster; I prefer to use it for its bold, refreshing taste. If you obtain it fresh from the market, then you will have to prep the lobster by boiling it until the shell is red, and removing the head and claws from the tail portion. Then, crack the top side of the tail open so the meat is exposed. Set the tails aside for the moment.

Take the butter and melt it either on the stovetop or in a microwave. You can do this on a grill too if you are prepping outdoors. Mix the butter in with enough garlic to suit your tastes – some like more, some like less. It really is up to you. Then, take a pinch of brown sugar and include it, as well as a dash of cayenne pepper. The sugar offsets the tanginess of the mixture a bit and complements nicely the cayenne. Be careful not to go overboard with either, though; they can easily overpower the other flavors in your lobster.

Mix all of this up and take your lobster tails. Baste the exposed lobster meat with our basting creation, so that the entire exposed surface of the meat has a nice layer of sauce on it. Then, take lemon juice and liberally bathe the meat in it. Do not pour the entire bottle, but do not put just a touch either. The lemon juice will cook off before it soaks in if you don’t.

Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe: The Grill

Prepping the grill is the next step for this grilled lobster tails recipe. Take your grill and fire it up with wood or charcoal – whichever you prefer. Charcoal cooks more evenly and can be more easily controlled, but wood imparts a certain smoky flavor that charcoal lacks. Make sure your flames are about medium height – if they are so high and strong that they sear your eyebrows when you’re cooking, or are coming up through the grill slats, then your fire is too hot for lobster.

Once your grill is nice and ready, just put the tails on it, shells down. Now is a great time to baste them once more. Turn your tail over about five minutes into the grilling, and baste again. Grill them for another five minutes, or until the meat is bright white and tender. Once this is accomplished, your lobster tails are ready for consumption.

I hope you get a lot of pleasure from this grilled lobster tails recipe. I know I love it, and I trust that you and your family will come to love it as well.

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September 1, 2009

Lobster Paradise! About Lobster Tail Dishes

Lobster Paradise! About Lobster Tail Dishes

If you are reading this article, then there is a very probable chance that you are seeking knowledge about lobster tail dishes and how to prepare them. We all pretty much know how to prepare your standard lobster; you simply boil, steam, broil, or grill it, add butter, and splash on some lemon juice before calling it a day. Well, you can actually take lobster one step further and create a smorgasbord of succulent lobster tail dishes to suit your palette and those of your family and friends. Below you will find three lobster tail dishes that promise to make your regular lobster experience a veritable seafood feast!

(Note: All of these recipes are scaled for one pound of lobster meat.)

About Lobster Tail Dishes: Lobster Scampi

For this dish, you will need the following:

½ stick of butter

6 minced cloves of garlic

½ cup of olive oil

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

The best way to prepare this is to steam cook your lobster. Place a bit of the olive oil in a frying pan with a cover and put your lobster tails in. Try and pull the meat out of the shell a bit before doing so. Steam your lobster until the meat is white and opaque, then remove from the shell and cut into pieces that are about a half an-inch long. In another pan (or the same pan if you wish), combine the above ingredients and mix. Then, place the lobster in the sauce and sauté the entire concoction for one to two minutes. For added effect, sprinkle it with minced parsley and serve hot.

About Lobster Tail Dishes: Honey Fried Lobster

Do not let the name fool you – this lobster tail dish is good. You will need:

1 egg

½ cup of honey (divided)

1 cup of bread crumbs (the style is up to you; I recommend white)

2 tablespoons of mustard (again, your choice; I recommend Dijon)

Olive oil


Take the olive oil and place it in a frying pan on medium heat. Then, remove your lobster meat from the shell and set it aside. Mix ¼ cup of honey with the mustard until you get a nice, even honey mustard sauce. Take the egg and crack it open into a bowl, being sure to stir until the whites and yolk mix. Mix ¼ cup of honey with your bread crumbs (use more bread crumbs if you have to so you get a nice mixture). Also add in a pinch of minced cilantro. Then, take the lobster meat, dip it into the egg, and then coat it with your bread crumbs. Fry this in the olive oil until your breaded lobster turns a nice, golden brown.

About Lobster Tail Dishes: Sesame Lobster

This lobster tail dish is a little unique in that it has a distinct Asian flavor that is sure to put an interesting spin on your lobster meal. You will need:

5 teaspoons of sesame seeds

7 tablespoons of rice vinegar

¼ cup of soy sauce

2 teaspoons of minced ginger

2 teaspoons of sesame oil

1 tablespoon of sugar

Steam your lobster in a covered frying pan until the meat is white and opaque. Remove the lobster, remove the meat from the shell, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and set it aside. Take the above ingredients and mix them until you have a nice, consistent sauce that is to your taste. Then, coat the lobster meat with the sesame sauce and sauté in a pan with 1 teaspoon of sesame oil until the sauce is warm. Serve while hot.

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August 30, 2009

Making Lobster Tail Sauce


Making Lobster Tail Sauce


When cooking lobster many people look into making lobster tail sauce. They intend to use these sauces to either brush directly onto the tail before serving or for dipping purposes. Regardless of your intent, when making lobster tail sauce it is essential to be aware of the taste you want. For example, many people will use butter, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and much more in order to make what they refer to as the perfect lobster sauce. However, do you merely want butter or do you wish to add a bit of flavoring (maybe parsley or garlic?). Therefore, this article aims at assisting you with making lobster tail sauce for your next marine meal by exploring a few different recipes that can be added to and amended to meet your needs.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #1

The first sauce is a mustard sauce that may prove to be the right sauce for you and your family. With this recipe you will need the following ingredients: one cup of Dijon mustard, one teaspoon of white whine, beer, corn starch, flour, and one tablespoon of dry mustard. First you will combine the Dijon mustard, wine, flour, cornstarch, and dry mustard into a bowl. The flour and cornstarch should be measured based upon the thickness you desire. Add beer to assist with minimizing the thickness as well. Add as much salt and pepper as desired. Allow this sauce to set for at least one hour before serving with your lobster.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #2

This recipe proves to be very simple but yet extremely popular for those who love lobster. The ingredients will vary depending on the exact taste you which to achieve. There are two options: butter and garlic or butter and parsley. Obviously the combination you determine will be based on the desired results. Add as much garlic or parsley to the melted butter as you like—check through tasting the sauce as you add to the mixture. Either brush the butter sauce onto the lobster or serve on the side for dipping.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #3

This next recipe is a combination of the following ingredients, dry mustard (3/4 teaspoon), plum sauce (1 tablespoon), minced ginger (3/4 teaspoons), soy sauce (3 tablespoons), water (1/2 teaspoon), and dry sherry (1 tablespoon). This sauce is created by the combination of the water and mustard into a bowl. Stir thoroughly and then add in the remainder of the ingredients to create the desired sauce.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #4

Another popular ingredient for lobster tail sauce is lemon. For this particular recipe you will use the following ingredients and proportions: One tablespoon of curry powder, minced garlic (2), a small shallot, two tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one-fourth of a tablespoon of chili powder. First you will need to sauté the garlic and shallot in the butter. Then add the remainder of the ingredients except the lemon juice. Allow the sauce to cool, add the lemon juice, and then refrigerate until needed.

Each of the recipes for making lobster tail sauce allows for tinkering in order to get the right mix of ingredients for you and your family. These sauces are excellent not only on warm lobster, but prove to be great on your cold lobster tails as well. Enjoy these recipes with your next lobster tail family meal!

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