Five More Amazing Lobster Facts

Five More Amazing Lobster Facts

Lobsters are intriguing creatures all over the world, not just because of their delicious taste. They are interesting because they live in the depths of the ocean and yet are a common, everyday part of our lives and diets.

Five Amazing Lobster Facts #1: Changing Clothes

A lobster has what we call an exoskeleton, which is an outer skeletal structure that supports the rest of the body. Humans have endoskeletons, by contrast. Thus, you may wonder how they grow if they are surrounded by a hard shell. Well, lobsters grow just like any other animal – and they shed, or molt, their shells to match their new bodies. In this way, they are just like snakes and other animals that molt.

Five Amazing Lobster Facts #2: Elderly Lobsters

We humans may be experiencing longer lives in this modern day and age, but there are plenty of animals and other living things on this planet that outlast us. Sequoia trees and galapagos turtles are two prominent examples. Would you believe lobsters are a third? It’s true. Lobsters, if left alone and not captured, fished, etc., lobsters can almost live indefinitely. In fact, some lobsters have been captured that have been measured at over 100 years old. That is far longer than 99% of the human race!

Five Amazing Lobster Facts #3: Lobsters as Health Food

People often extol the virtues of eating shellfish and fish, but many people do not particularly think of lobsters when they think of health food. But, you would be surprised at just how healthy lobster is. When compared to a similar serving of chicken and turkey, lobster had less calories, less cholesterol, and less saturated fat than either. This means that lobster, as a whole, is a healthier meat to consume than either chicken or turkey – which are healthy meats in their own right.

Five Amazing Lobster Facts #4: Humans and Lobsters- Cousins?

Well, while we are not exactly cousins, humans and lobsters are in the same kingdom– the animal kingdom that is. This is where the similarities end, however. Lobsters are arthrpods, which means they have segmented bodies, exoskeletons, jointed appendages, and are invertebrates. They are also crustaceans, who all have shells that must be molted off and shed in order to grow. In this way, lobsters are actually cousins of crabs, shrimp, prawns, and crawfish. Not all crustaceans live in water, though. Some, like certain types of crab, actually live on land. (The lobster, however, does not; it will only live about a day out of water).

Five Amazing Lobster Facts #5: Size Does Matter

Of all the types of lobster in the world, the largest is the American lobster, commonly known as the Maine lobster because Maine is the lobster capital of North America. Most lobsters that you eat average a weight of one to three pounds, but the largest lobster ever caught weighed over 40 pounds and was over three feet long! That is a massive lobster. Think of its sheer size the next time you have a lobster on your plate, and imagine how it would be to have to eat one of those. Just make sure you bring lots of butter!

The five amazing lobster facts above hopefully whet your appetite and made you crave lobster of your own. I know I’m craving lobster right now. What are you waiting for? Plan for a lobster dinner today and satisfy your cravings!

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