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How to Butterfly Lobster: A Guide

Lobster is a great meal, but sometimes we just do not feel like going to a seafood restaurant to eat it. Sometimes you may just want to stay in your kitchen and prepare your own savory lobster dish. If you want your lobster tails to look as good as they do in the restaurant when prepared by fancy chefs, then you will have to learn how to butterfly lobster. Don’t worry, though; this procedure is a lot simpler than it sounds. This article will serve as a guide on how to butterfly lobster and will walk you through the process from start to finish.

How to Butterfly Lobster: Preparation

Properly butterflying a lobster requires a few tools that are not very difficult to find. You probably have them in your kitchen already. First, you will need a pair of kitchen shears. Since you will have to cut through the shell, you will need a pair of kitchen shears to make the task easy and effective. You will also need a kitchen knife to help cut the meat away from the shell in a few places. A small pair of kitchen tongs can also be useful, but are not required. Another useful tool in prepping the lobster for cooking is a bottle of lobster marinade. I recommend using this on your lobster, then letting your lobster chill overnight before cooking.

If you want to take the easy road and use a frozen lobster tail, then that is definitely okay. Just make sure you thaw it in the refrigerator (not on your kitchen counter) before butterflying it. If you have a fresh lobster, you will first need to kill it. To do this quickly and humanely, grasp the lobster by its back. Take a heavy kitchen knife, place the point between the eyes about one inch down the back, and in one quick and smooth motion, press in and bring the blade straight down. This will kill the lobster instantly. Then, cut off the tail by cutting through the joint between the upper body and the tail. Once this is done, you are ready to begin.

How to Butterfly Lobster: Procedure

The first step is to take your kitchen shears and cut down the center of the back of the shell, going from the top through to the bottom of the tail. Be careful not to cut the meat itself; you only want to snip the shell. Be careful not to cut through the end of the tail. Then, use your fingers to gently pry apart the top of the shell and remove the meat. You are trying to carefully pull the meat out of the shell, while still leaving it attached to the tip of the tail.

Once you have pulled the meat out of the shell (while leaving it attached to the bottom), close the two halves of the shell together and lay the meat on top. Then, using your kitchen knife, carefully cut lengthwise down the center of the meat so that you can pull the two sides apart (but not completely apart). Drape the two halves of the meat over the edges of the shell. Then, all you have to do is pour on some marinade and add whatever spices you wish before cooking.

You can grill, broil, or fry this freshly-butterflied lobster to make an incredible meal for you and your family and friends. And when you are done, you will have a tail that looks just as good as the ones prepared for you in those expensive restaurants – at a fraction of the cost!

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