How To Cook A lobster – Spiny Lobster Recipe.


A Delicious Spiny Lobster Recipe


If you are a dedicated connoisseur of lobster –or even just a casual fan – you must try out a tasty and scintillating dish: spiny lobster. If the name brings up fearsome images of sharp, pointy spines that just completely ruin your appetite, do not worry; the spiny lobster is not so spiny. In fact, you have probably already eaten it before, and know it by its more popular name – rock lobster. This article will not only explain what a spiny lobster is, but will give you a great spiny lobster recipe to share with your family.

The Lobster in the Spiny Lobster Recipe

If you are unfamiliar with the spiny lobster, then here is your chance to learn a bit more about it. The spiny lobster is actually not that closely related to the more well-known and popular American (or Maine) lobster –you know, the one with the scary looking claws. (In fact, spiny lobsters do not have claws at all!). The spiny lobster – Panulirius argus – is a crustacean that dwells in warm-water areas of the world, unlike its American cousin that prefers colder environments. The taste of the two lobsters actually do differ somewhat, which is why some people prefer one over the other. The taste of the American lobster tends to be richer than that of the spiny lobster, but in many places the spiny lobster is considered a delicacy. It basically comes down to which one you prefer. Spiny lobsters are just as tasty and mouth-wateringly delicious as their clawed cousins.

Lemon Pepper Spiny Lobster Recipe

This spiny lobster recipe features the spicy taste of lemon and pepper combined into a refreshing sauce that really complements the soft taste of the lobster. You can grill the lobster, steam it, or boil it, but for this recipe, we recommend grilling it for that extra taste.


Spiny lobster tail (frozen is fine if you do not want to prepare a live one)

Three whole lemons (I recommend fresh fruit over prepared lemon juice)

Black pepper (to taste)


Melted butter

1 minced clove of garlic (or garlic powder if you wish)

1/4 cup of olive oil

Bring a large pot full of salted water to boil. Place the lobster tails inside (either thawed or prepared from live lobster) and boil them until the shells turn red. Remove and set them aside. Take the lemons and juice them, and add the garlic and enough olive oil to slightly thicken the sauce. The best way to apply this to the lobster is to lightly brush the lobster with butter, rub in the pepper, and then put on the lemon sauce. Then, grill each side of the lobster until the meat is tender, white, and fluffy. It should take about five minutes per side, but check the meat to make sure. Also, brush the lobster with the lemon juice mixture once every two minutes or so per side, so the taste really gets into the meat.

If you want something to kick up the taste a notch or two, try using Cajun spices on the lobster meat instead of pepper. Feel free to experiment however you would like; this spiny lobster recipe is fairly simple and is very versatile. No matter what you do, just remember that the best part of any spiny lobster recipe is eating it afterwards!

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