How to Serve a Lobster


How to Serve a Lobster

Before addressing the question of how to serve a lobster, we must first look into how the lobsters themselves are typically served. Typically lobster tails are served since the majority of the meat resides in this area. These lobster tails can be served either warm or cold, depending on the preference of the consumer. However, the legs and claws also contain a bit of meat and are occasionally served. Now that we have laid out this information, let’s move on to the topic of this article, “how to serve a lobster.”

Many people are unaware of how to serve a lobster when it comes to sauces and side dishes. Is lobster served with sauce? Is it served with sides? If so, what type of sauce is best? What sides are recommended? Truth be told, there is no set in stone rule of exactly how to serve a lobster; instead, feel free to use your imagination and be creative. Throughout this article we will provide you with some already discovered methods for answering the question of how to serve a lobster that can be adapted and amended to fit your lobster dish needs.

How to serve a lobster—three methods:

1.) How to serve a lobster that is warm with sauce

One method for serving a warm lobster includes providing melted butter for dipping. The butter can either be brushed onto the warm lobster tail or placed in a separate side dish (typically a small sauce bowl). Sometimes this butter is seasoned with garlic flavoring to add a bit of a kick. Along with butter, many lobster lovers prefer a side of mayonnaise. Like the butter, the lobster is typically dipped into the mayonnaise to add a bit of flavoring. However lemon juice and parsley are also used for flavoring your warm lobster.

2.) How to serve a lobster that is warm with sides

When determining a side dish for your lobster it is essential to get sides that compliment to your lobster without taking away from the tail. Therefore, your side dishes should be very simple. Many people serve lobster with a side of crackers. Other will cook potatoes and add butter to compliment the butter that is being used for the lobster tail for dipping. Since butter is frequently used, along with garlic or parsley flavoring, it may be great to serve the lobster with a baked potato. Corn on the cob and your typical green salad are also other side dishes that are typically served with lobster that is served warm.

3.) How to serve a lobster that is cold with sides

Now that we have discussed serving warm lobster, lets zoom in on another method—serving cold lobster. If you are serving the lobster cold it is important to keep your side dishes cold as well. Even if it is cold, the lobster tail is the main dish and should have very simple side dishes to not take away from the lobster. Therefore, several people will serve the lobster with a green salad. However, you can also serve anything from cole slaw to a cucumber salad.

Addressing the question how to serve lobster should always be answered with one word—simplicity. Simple side dishes are recommended so that the attention is not detracted from the lobster. However, you can be very creative when preparing side dishes to go with lobster. Furthermore, lobster goes great with champagne or wine so be sure to add these to your meal for an excellent treat. Here’s to a great lobster meal!

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