Making Lobster Tail Sauce


Making Lobster Tail Sauce


When cooking lobster many people look into making lobster tail sauce. They intend to use these sauces to either brush directly onto the tail before serving or for dipping purposes. Regardless of your intent, when making lobster tail sauce it is essential to be aware of the taste you want. For example, many people will use butter, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and much more in order to make what they refer to as the perfect lobster sauce. However, do you merely want butter or do you wish to add a bit of flavoring (maybe parsley or garlic?). Therefore, this article aims at assisting you with making lobster tail sauce for your next marine meal by exploring a few different recipes that can be added to and amended to meet your needs.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #1

The first sauce is a mustard sauce that may prove to be the right sauce for you and your family. With this recipe you will need the following ingredients: one cup of Dijon mustard, one teaspoon of white whine, beer, corn starch, flour, and one tablespoon of dry mustard. First you will combine the Dijon mustard, wine, flour, cornstarch, and dry mustard into a bowl. The flour and cornstarch should be measured based upon the thickness you desire. Add beer to assist with minimizing the thickness as well. Add as much salt and pepper as desired. Allow this sauce to set for at least one hour before serving with your lobster.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #2

This recipe proves to be very simple but yet extremely popular for those who love lobster. The ingredients will vary depending on the exact taste you which to achieve. There are two options: butter and garlic or butter and parsley. Obviously the combination you determine will be based on the desired results. Add as much garlic or parsley to the melted butter as you like—check through tasting the sauce as you add to the mixture. Either brush the butter sauce onto the lobster or serve on the side for dipping.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #3

This next recipe is a combination of the following ingredients, dry mustard (3/4 teaspoon), plum sauce (1 tablespoon), minced ginger (3/4 teaspoons), soy sauce (3 tablespoons), water (1/2 teaspoon), and dry sherry (1 tablespoon). This sauce is created by the combination of the water and mustard into a bowl. Stir thoroughly and then add in the remainder of the ingredients to create the desired sauce.

Making Lobster Tail Sauce—Recipe #4

Another popular ingredient for lobster tail sauce is lemon. For this particular recipe you will use the following ingredients and proportions: One tablespoon of curry powder, minced garlic (2), a small shallot, two tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one-fourth of a tablespoon of chili powder. First you will need to sauté the garlic and shallot in the butter. Then add the remainder of the ingredients except the lemon juice. Allow the sauce to cool, add the lemon juice, and then refrigerate until needed.

Each of the recipes for making lobster tail sauce allows for tinkering in order to get the right mix of ingredients for you and your family. These sauces are excellent not only on warm lobster, but prove to be great on your cold lobster tails as well. Enjoy these recipes with your next lobster tail family meal!

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