Wonderful BBQ Lobster Tails Recipe


How To Cook A Lobster – The Best BBQ Lobster Tails Recipe

If you like grilling, and also enjoy seafood, then I have a treat for you: BBQ lobster tails. Everyone has, at one point or the other, probably eaten a lobster tail – and no matter whether it was grilled, boiled, or broiled, chances are it was delicious. BBQ lobster tails take that a step further by combining the delicious taste of a savory BBQ sauce with the refreshing and marvelous taste and texture of a perfectly boiled and grilled lobster tail. This combination may sound strange at first, but I promise you, it is definitely something to behold. To introduce you to this mouth-watering entree, I have written a superb BBQ lobster tails recipe for your enjoyment.

How to Cook A Lobster – Which Lobster to Choose

First, let us talk about the different types of lobster tails you can get. This will impact to a degree how your BBQ lobster tails turn out. There are two main types of lobster that people eat: American lobster and spiny lobster. American lobster (also popularly known as Maine lobster) is what you typically picture when you think of this crustacean. They are brown to orange and have two claws, and are most likely what you see in tanks in seafood restaurants. These lobsters tend to have a stronger, more pronounced taste. Spiny lobster (also known as rock lobster) do not have claws and are grown in warm-water areas (as opposed to American lobsters in cold-water areas). The taste of these lobsters tends to be more mild and delicate.

Regardless of what lobster you choose (I personally prefer American lobster, but either is fine), you can prepare them yourself or just buy frozen lobster tails. If boiling and cutting up a lobster is not to your fancy, then using frozen lobster tails is just as fine. Here is what you will need for your BBQ lobster tails:

BBQ Lobster Fest-

(Serves 4-5)

4-5 lobster tails, frozen or fresh (8 oz)

½ of butter (depending on how many tails you have; ½ cup works well for 4-5)

BBQ sauce (your own choice)

¼ to ½ cup of lemon juice (or lemon wedges)


Brown sugar (if desired)

To prepare, thaw your lobster if necessary. I recommend using frozen lobster tails for this recipe because you do not need to cook them before you grill them. Before you place them on the grill, brush the lobster meat with melted butter. Then, sprinkle paprika on top, and follow with a touch of brown sugar per tail (if you want a more sweet taste). To keep your tails from curling up when they’re on the grill, put a skewer through the middle, length-wise.

Once they are ready and prepped, you should brush on your BBQ sauce until the meat is covered. Then place them, shell-side down, on the grill. You will want to grill them until the shell turns red, which usually takes 5 to 6 minutes. When this happens, flip them over and grill them for another 5-6 minutes (until the meat turns soft and white). Then, turn them back up and brush on more sauce and sprinkle lemon juice. After another two minutes or so, your lobster should be nice, white, tender, and done. All you have to do now is serve and enjoy!

This BBQ recipe will give you tender, moist, and delicious lobster with an awesome and classic BBQ taste. All you have to do now is fire up the grill and throw on some BBQ lobster tails.

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